Why do you choose Purever

As the name denote, Purever provides complete and hygienic water storage solutions. Purever is the largest manufacturer of stainless steel water tanks using tons of high grade materials. From residential to commercial plus customize stainless steel water tanks, Purever specializes in every particular area of stainless steel water tanks regarding construction, installation and servicing. For intact water safety and maintaining its temperature every stainless steel water tank is covered with dual protective coating. At every step of construction, every single stainless steel water tank is monitored carefully for long and durable performance at every weather conditions. While installation of these water tanks only stainless steel custom fittings are used.

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    30 years of Experience

    Over the past 30 years, Purever gained truly exceptional individuals. Purever Stainless Steel Water Tanks are one of the most recognized and respected manufacturers of both domestic and commercial tanks in the world.

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    Life Care Company

    We have provided products and services that care about all aspects of life. We take ‘Goodness' as our business philosophy that we contribute to creating a better world through what we are doing.

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    Health and safety

    Standardization of safety policies, procedures, & reporting, ensuring adherence to health and safety regulations, safety training, and provision of adequate resources to sustain a successful safety culture and program.

  • 5 Layer tank


    We believe that our steel Products are integral parts of a sustainable consumer society and of this we are very proud. We constantly reshape the future of stainless and specialty steel to the benefit of our customers

Optimized Water Solution

Purever stainless steel water tanks offers 100% safe and secure water storage solutions, more reliable than plastic and concrete water tanks. Stainless steel water tank is very much capable of handing the pace of complexities which other materials cannot succeed in. With zero maintenance, stainless steel water tank is not only efficient in terms of health but also a cost effective creation by Purever.